Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sentul Park

I had an opportunity to went to a photoshooting with Soyan, Tet Leon, Juan, and Bubbles as well. Hahaha it was my first time going on a photoshooting and it was REALLY FUN!! I really enjoy every moment of it. We went Sentul Park to take pictures, that place really had a lot of nice pictures to take, but too bad most of it are private property and the security guards doesn't allow us to go in and take pictures. Below are portraits of Soyan and Bubbles, please do comment as this is my first time shooting, hahaha.

The photographer and his girlfriend.

I really had fun just taking pictures, can't wait for another photoshooting! Anyone going don't mind inviting me along? hahaha that's all for now.. ciaos~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Souled Out

Went to Souled Out on Monday to celebrate Sandra's farewell, yeah man we were CELEBRATING!! hehe. We went to Souled Out, quite a number of people went as well. Enough talking and let the picture do the talking ya.

BTW!! The pictures are not that good! I made a few mistake when taking pictures. Firstly, I was using the wrong picture style, so quite a lot of pictures wasn't that nice, and also it was my first time using an external flash, so quite a lot of pictures were not that sharp as well, SORRY SORRY!! Anyway here are some pictures that I have chosen out of about 100 something pictures.

The model pictures were taken by Tet Leon outside of Souled Out.

Soyan the Buterfly.
Andrew Tong, when everyone is eating he was busy trying everybody's food, hahaha
Sydney's Pizza.
Bubbles' Fish & Chips.
Nicole Wong eating her dessert.
Sandra, see you in August again.
Two gay friends.

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